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Starting with the Spring 2022 Inactivations on May 26th, 2023, reactivation fees on females will increase to $50.00 if data is reported within 6 months from the inactivation date and $100.00 for data that is reported after 6 months from the inactivation date. Please note that any females that fall inactive on May 26th and any females that have been previously inactivated will be subject to the new fees. To avoid further reactivation fees, please report calf data for females on your Spring 2022 no progeny list by May 19th. 


Next Reporting Deadline:

Spring 2022 No Progeny Due May 19th


Other Dates:

March 1: Statement Mailed

March 1: Spring Herd Inventory Due

March 8: Spring 2022 No Progeny Requested

March 10: Fall THR - 4th Installment Billed

March 15: Fall 2022 Birth and Weaning Data Requested


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To guarantee inclusion in the weekly BOLT evaluation, data must be Final Submitted by Sunday. Results are available 9 days later on the following Tuesday. Data is only pulled once a week, and is only updated once a week. See the calendar below for an example.






*Finance Charges*

Finance charges are applied after 30 days and billed at $15 if the balance is less than or equal to $100. If the balance is over $100 then $15 plus 1.5% per month will be applied.



Inactivated Females 

Inactivated females can be reactivated by providing calf data or a reason code for no calf. 

Reactivation Fees: (from inactivation date) 

Reactivated within 6 Months - $25

Reactivated past 6 months - $50

AFTER MAY 26, 2023:

Reactivated within 6 Months - $50

Reactivated past 6 months - $100



International Birth Year Codes

2017- E

2018- F

2019- G

2020- H

2021- J

2022- K

2023- L

2024- M

2025- N